What Key A I In?
What Key A I In?

About What Key Am I In?

What Key Am I In aims to make it easier for beginner and intermediate guitarists, bassists and keyboardists to improve their playing by applying the tools that music theory provides, even while they are still working to master the theory itself.

The Tools

The keyFinder, our original foundation, lets you select any combination of chords from our ever-growing database, and it will return the possible keys in which the given chords occur. That said, because of the seemingly endless supply of exotic chords and keys, there's no guarentee that the key you're expecting to find is in our database. If it's not, let us know!

The fretBoard was the next logical step. Accessed either from within the keyFinder's results or from right on the home page, it provides a visual representation of the neck of a guitar or bass. You can select any scale from our database to show on the fretBoard, select a chord to overlay the chord's tones over a scale's notes, and manually adjust the tuning to match your current configuration. If you're logged in, you can customize and save your own tunings for later use!

The keyBoard came next. Offering the same scale selection as the fretBoard, the keyBoard provides a dynamic visualization of a two octaves of a keyboard.

The chordBuilder is the newest tool to What Key Am I In. You tell the tool exactly where your fingers are on your guitar, and it will give you back any chords from the database that include (or exactly match) the notes you're playing.